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Hey Everyone,

I’m trying to make my website easier to use!  If you’re looking for information on a specific technique, you can check it out here.  I’m going to be adding quick video tutorials that address a single technique or notion.


  1. Annette says:

    Jen, I took your T-shirt class at ASG conference on Thursday. I’m having trouble with the shoulders of the shirts, they are too narrow and I don’t like that look. How can I widen the shoulders in the pattern # 0041? It puts my sleeves in an awkward place. I’m using the XXL size. I like the yoke effect, just not the narrow shoulders.

    • Jennifer Stern-Hasemann says:

      Hi Annette,
      Thanks for checking in. You can add to either the side front or center front piece to lengthen the shoulder. If you want to push the shoulder out closer to the tip of your shoulder, add to the armhole side of the shoulder seam on the side front piece (and the upper back bodice too). You can also add to the neckline by adding to the shoulder length at the neckline on the center front piece too. Let me know if this helps. Thanks Jen

  2. Judith Berg says:

    Hi Jen. I am taking several of your classes on Pattern Review.com. I am retiring this week and am looking forward to sewing a lot and teaching my granddaughters and their friends to sew.
    Thank you for your very understandable instructions and warm demeanor.

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