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Peek at the edit! …Matching Easy Stripes


Hi Everyone …I  just wanted to share this moment with you.  I have just finished editing “How to Match an Easy Stripe” for my bias skirt class I’m working on.  The editing is complete, but I’m not quite finished because I still need to insert the titles that make all the step clear and a few transitions, lower third and the intro-  Still and exciting moment — need a mini party to celebrate 🙂

In the past, my wonderful husband has done all of my editing (and shooting).  Now, I’m trying to do it solo so I can work on my own schedule.  This edit has taken me a long time to finish because of the way I presented the material in front of the camera… The interesting thing about editing your own footage is it really teaches you how to be in front of the camera.  Anyone who has been around me while I’m being video taped kn0ws that I don’t love it.   But, I’ve decided that I can become best friends with the camera…  Watching the video and listening to the audio has been a really eye opener.  It’s almost like an “Ahhhhh Haaaa”  moment.  I’ve learned more about how be clear and efficient (and fun) in front of the camera… I can’t wait to start shooting the next few lessons.

If I apply the things I’ve learned shooting the first few lessons to the next few, I think editing will go much faster….

One thought on “Peek at the edit! …Matching Easy Stripes

  1. Sounds like it was a lot of fun.
    Looking forward to seeing it.

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